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Paula is a self-confessed posture addict. She is the creator of a popular video blog on posture with millions of Youtube views. She is the best-selling author of The Posture Doctor and a popular keynote speaker. With over a decade of clinical experience in Chiropractic and a fellowship in the physics of posture, Paula is fast becoming the next big thing in online digital healthcare.
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Never Give Up – Believe Your Body Can Heal

“Ever Tried? Ever Failed? No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.” (author unknown) The seventh biggest posture mistake is giving up. This really frustrates me, because I know what it is like to have unattractive painful posture, because I did. The sixth year into private practice as a chiropractor, I saw a picture of [...]

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Best Way To Correct Posture – Have You Made This Common Mistake?

This common mistake may be the biggest reason why, you will never correct your posture: The fifth common mistake people make when correcting their posture, is they use the wrong treatment approach. If you've been following my 7 Biggest Posture Mistakes series, you'll recall our discussion that last week, when we distinguished structural problems from [...]

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Weight Loss – Forget About Good Posture

“It’s true, the scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love. Don’t give the scale more power than it has earned ... get off the scale and live your life. You are beautiful!” Steve Maraboli The [...]

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Three Essential Elements Of A Healthy Lifestyle

A US Study in The American Journal of Medicine found that 62.1% of all US bankruptcies are caused by medical illness. With statistics like that, we can no longer rely on the simplicity of one cause, one effect – in other words, poor physical health (cause) may lead to pain (physical effect), depression (emotional effect), [...]

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