Total Posture Correction Program

FIX POSTURE PROGRAM 2018-01-22T11:29:04+00:00
  • before and after xray
  • Before and after lumbar xray.
  • Spine exercise.
  • Prominent shoulder blade.
  • Neck kyphosis.
  • Head forward posture.
  • Head forward posture.
  • Normal lordosis in neck.
  • Forward head posture improved.

How The Program Works – Please Read!

  1. Skype – Ask all of your health-related questions and Paula will begin to uncover important facts about your posture and explain how the program works.
  2. Take 4 Pics – View simple video instructions and take 4 specific photos for a posture analysis. Receive a detailed illustrated report just 48 hours later. 
  3. Submit X-Rays – Submit previous spinal x-rays (follow these instructions). If you do not have x-rays, you may be encouraged to obtain specific images through a doctor/chiropractor (based on the information from Step 2. Receive a detailed written report, in clear (non-medical) language.
  4. Posturecise – A tailored posture exercise program will be designed, based on the information gained in Steps 1-3. Finally, download a video file of your exercise program, ensuring lifetime access!

Step 1. Talk to Doc

Skype consultation with the Posture Doctor in the comfort of your own home.


Discuss your health history and get the answers you need to begin improving your posture today!

Step 2. Take 4 Pics

Submit 4 pictures - front, back, left and right side - for a Posture Analysis.

Submit 4 Pics by email

Submit your images for a detailed structural analysis and receive a full written report on your posture.
xray second opinion.

Step 3. Submit X-Rays

Have your x-rays re-assessed and explained in language you understand.

X-Ray 2nd Opinion

Submit your x-rays – or have Paula recommend the views you need to obtain – for a full written report/2nd opinion.

Step 4. Posturecise

Dr Paula will design a tailored exercise program to fit your unique posture needs.

Tailored Exercise Program

Paula with design a tailored Posturecise program for you, based on the information gained from Steps 1-3.

Skype Only

  • Step 1
  • Skype Consult

Skype + 4 Pics

  • Step 1 + Step 2
  • Skype Consult
  • Take & Submit 4 Pics
  • >>Video Instructions
  • Photographic Report
  • Detailed Written Report

Full Program

$119monthly x5
  • Step 1 – Step 4
  • Skype Consult
  • Submit 4 Photos
  • Submit X-Rays (max 5)
  • >>Video Instructions
  • Photographic Report
  • Detailed Written Report
  • Tailored Exercise Program

Full Program (save $)

$495save $100
  • Step 1 – Step 4
  • Skype Consult
  • Submit 4 Photos
  • Submit X-Rays (max 5)
  • >>Video Instructions
  • Photographic Report
  • Detailed Written Report
  • Tailored Exercise Program

What Client’s Say . . .

I was vaguely aware that something was “off” with my back and general posture, and had been getting more and more untimely aches and pains; but I did not know what the root of the problem was … Paula, you were very helpful in shedding light on the potential issues I face, recommending courses of action for the long term, as well as suggesting exercises … thanks to your analysis I feel confident that it has a solution and needn’t turn into a life-long drag.
Agnes Csomos
Very happy with my posture analysis. It confirmed what I already suspected, fleshed out details and gave me hope for future improvement. Paula’s Skype consultation went on much longer than the time allocated and she was friendly and helpful. Thanks for “going the extra mile.
Howard R
A big thanx to you, Paula… Posturecise is my go to routine … You’ve opened the door to better health/longevity through your exercises.
Lois Nole
I’ve been doing Posturecise almost every day and feel really good for it!
Matt Lane, Shanghai
Greatest improvements are more flexibility in my back and neck (able to turn round more) – lower back pain improvement by on average 80% plus – my increased willingness to hold better posture and the ease with which I can hold my posture is greater than at any time.
Ashley Burt
My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and has become very bent. He scoffs at most alternative therapies, but he makes an exception for Paula. He says she has helped him regain some of his height, and he enjoys doing the simple exercises she recommended.
Janet Stuart

What Client’s Say . . .

I just wanted to thank you for the useful information provided … This time last week my lower back pain was around 9 on 1 – 10 scale, after doing some of the exercises … especially the pelvic tilts my lower back has loosened up and is more like a 3 on the scale now.
David Hamilton
I was fortunate enough to be able to have a conversation via Skype with Paula to talk about my condition. She was soooo helpful and informative. She thoroughly answered all of my questions (what type of exercises are best, what should I look for in a chiropractor, how long will this correction take, etc.) and she gave me a suggested plan of action.
Mara Grigsby
I love Posturecise … I’ve been doing the exercises 2-3 times a week… I’ve noticed 3 things: A problem with my left shoulder cleared up completely. Generally feeling more relaxed and “looser”. Even though I now know the exercises well and can do them without instruction, the experience somehow is better when I’m playing the video!
Mike Harris
Since I started your POSTURECISE Program with great enthusiasm-this past Sunday!-two women I ran into at the grocery store yesterday thought I looked “different!” They could not pinpoint it, just that I seemed so confident!
Elen Hyner
Dr Paula Moore has found the main cause of the problem and it has made an immense difference to my job. After years of pain I am now free of it and I am enjoying my work and life so much more. To anyone who is suffering constant pain it is well worth spending a little money to make you feel that life is worth living again.
Derek Davis


How long do I need to Posturecise each day? 2017-10-03T12:57:37+00:00

Your routine will be made specifically to target your problem areas and you will be able to complete the exercises in just 10 minutes each day.

Your Posturecise routine does not take the place of a regular exercise routine but can be added on to whatever exercise regime you most enjoy.

How often do we Skype? 2017-10-03T12:54:57+00:00

There is a Skype consultation before we begin the posture fix program. After that, correspondence is via email. Should you wish to Skype again in future (months down the road), to monitor your progress, you simply book another Skype chat HERE.

Do I need a tripod? 2017-10-03T12:52:45+00:00

You don’t have to use a tripod but it is easier. The camera/phone needs to be in the exact same place for all 4 images – only you move (not the camera position).

Alternatively, you can place a camera on a table with some books, to get just the right height, or have a friend hold your camera in the same position for all 4 images.

How often do I need to do the exercises? 2017-10-03T12:49:55+00:00

Psychologists tell us it takes 21 days to create a new habit. What they mean is that after repeating something new, 21 days in a row, it is more likely to be hard-wired into the brain and less of a effort to do it. This is true for learning the habit of not smoking, learning the habit of making your bed each morning and learning the habit of good posture.

Once the habit of doing posture exercises every day has become hard-wired into the brain, we are less likely to give it up. We may miss the odd day (or weekends), but aren’t likely to stop doing it all together.


How do I receive my exercise program? 2017-08-09T18:24:14+00:00

You will receive your tailored Posturecise program via email in one easy-to-open Dropbox file. You don’t need to have a Dropbox account.

How do I Skype with Paula? 2017-08-09T18:22:57+00:00

Please send Paula a invitation to connect through Skype. Her Skype name is drpaulamoore.

How do I take the pictures for my analysis? 2017-08-09T18:14:59+00:00

You can use a digital camera or a simple cell phone and follow these video instructions.

What if I don’t have X-rays but have MRI Reports? 2017-08-09T12:47:45+00:00

MRIs can be used instead of x-rays, to provide more information to build your exercise program. MRI scans show soft tissue and x-rays show bone and alignment; so x-rays may still be required.

Which x-rays do I need? 2017-08-09T12:47:29+00:00

If you don’t already have previous x-rays, your Skype consultation (Step 1) and your 4 Pics (Step 2) will be used by the Posture Doctor to determine whether or not x-rays are needed and which specific views are required. This can only be determined once you begin the Fix Posture Program.