There was one issue, one bugbear, one total frustration throughout my chiropractic training and many years that followed. I hated my posture. This drove me to distraction. I was ashamed to be a chiropractor with bad posture.

I tried everything. I trained with top posture experts like Professor Stuart McGill and I even qualified with a fellowship in the Clinical Biomechanics of Posture (another two years on top of the first five). I had x-rays taken of my neck and they confirmed what I feared: I had developed forward head posture, just like my mum.

One morning though, I woke and I looked at my posture in the mirror and this day I saw something different. The penny dropped. All along I’d been telling my patients to look at their WHOLE body. I wanted them to understand that they didn’t have just a low back problem, a shoulder problem or a knee problem but a problem with the posture of their body as a whole. I’d forgotten my own Golden Rule.

This moment may just have changed my life because it was at this moment that I began creating posture videos. My posture obsession is now my full-time devotion. It’s now my absolute mission to help people obtain posture that inspires confidence!