“Ever Tried?
Ever Failed?
No Matter.
Try Again.
Fail Again.
Fail Better.”
(author unknown)

The seventh biggest posture mistake is giving up. This really frustrates me, because I know what it is like to have unattractive painful posture, because I did. The sixth year into private practice as a chiropractor, I saw a picture of myself from my own clinic opening and I was horrified by what I saw.


I was a chiropractor with terrible forward head posture. When did this happen?! It became my absolute mission to correct my granny-like appearance. I began eating, sleeping and dreaming posture and went on to gain a fellowship in the physics of posture. I guess it’s fair to say, I fell in love with posture.

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I know what it is to struggle and not see immediate results, but you absolutely must persevere. When you refuse to give up, you go from feeling fed up with painful, unattractive posture and arriving in a place you NEVER thought possible! When you refuse to give up, not only do you end up taller, leaner, more attractive and confident, but you learn to trust your body to heal. You can heal your posture!