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Three Essential Elements Of A Healthy Lifestyle

A US Study in The American Journal of Medicine found that 62.1% of all US bankruptcies are caused by medical illness. With statistics like that, we can no longer rely on the simplicity of one [...]

Is It Too Late To Improve My Posture?

Possibly the biggest mistake many of you will make when trying to correct your posture is leaving it too late - so don't. “Can it really be corrected? I am 31 and just realizing in [...]

Instinctive Sleeping – Are Pillows Necessary?

Chimpanzees and their common ancestors have been sleeping without pillows for millions of years – do we really need one? Instinctive Sleeping Humans are one of many species of primates - ancestors that lived in [...]

Fix Your Head Posture – Ergonomic Tips – Posture Doctor

Do you have tips on using a laptop and the best way to hold your head? Yes I do – a lot of them! But let's keep this simple and focus today just on the [...]

5 Fitness Ideas To Create An Amazing 2015 Body

Today is day one of a brand New Year and that means you get a fresh start on fitness and health. I began day one of 2015 with a gorgeous Florida grapefruit, followed by a [...]