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Skype + X-Rays

Do you have a set of spinal x-rays and need a second opinion? Do your x-rays show wear and tear but you don’t know how that affects your posture? Were you told your x-rays are normal but still feel there’s a problem?

Most medical doctors use x-rays to diagnose medical conditions, but not to measure or interpret your posture. An early structural diagnosis is vital to understanding your posture, easing your pain and avoiding future problems. If you would like your x-rays reassessed and explained to you in language you understand, or you would like Dr Paula Moore to recommend specific x-ray images for you to obtain, then this service is for you.


How to Send Your X-Rays:

Skype + X-Rays

  • up to 5 x-rays analyzed
  • posture diagnosis
  • full written report
  • skype follow-up consultation