Today is day one of a brand New Year and that means you get a fresh start on fitness and health.

I began day one of 2015 with a gorgeous Florida grapefruit, followed by a swim and then ate breakfast while contemplating my fresh start – my plan for 2015.

As with any New Year, musings of financial security, weight loss, gym memberships, falling in love and dream jobs may fill your early 2015 thoughts. I want to actually help some of you create success in the area of fitness and health this year and I have 5 winning ideas for you.

First of all, I’d just like to say that I do not make New Year resolutions. Most resolutions are doomed from the beginning because they lack planning and come with huge expectations – two sure ways to guarantee failure.

I am someone who gets things done and it’s NOT because I have super powers . I’m actually JUST LIKE YOU, except I’ve mastered the habit of daily exercise. For some of you, this habit isn’t yet consistent, but I’m here to teach you just how to achieve success in the area of fitness and health so you can have an AMAZING body for 2015.

Ideas for a Fabulous 2015 Body

If you follow these ideas for the next year, I believe you’ll fall in love with YOU!

Embrace your fatness. What ever you do this year, please do not take on the goal of weight loss. When losing weight is the goal, you are declaring that your body is not good enough and I don’t know how anyone can achieve success in fitness and health when starting out telling themselves they are fat and then make themselves wrong for being this way. Some of you who desire to lose weight have subcutaneous fat (big bum fat) but not the dangerous fat (visceral – I.e. organ fat). People with subcutaneous fat live longer than skinny girls like me! If you don’t believe me, make sure you read Dr Robert Lustig’s book Fat Chance. Lustig will convince you that sugar is the real poison and get you embracing your subcutaneous fat. If you really want to trim your body, cut out sugar and go back to fat. Dr Lustig tells us that sugar drives fat storage and makes the brain think it’s hungry. Choose fat not sugar! Tweet This

Find the real reason. Over 20 years ago I was working for The Sports Clubs of Canada in membership. I only worked there for one year but broke all of their sales records. My first month I sold 140% of my target sales. Why was I so successful? At the time I thought it was luck. I just couldn’t really figure out why I won all their sales awards. I know now, the reason I sold so successfully is that I helped a perspective new gym member find the real reason they wanted to join the gym and it was never to lose weight. If you dig deep enough, you will discover the real reason. Maybe you want to be an amazing mum who is physically active with her children, or perhaps your parents died young and you literally want to live! Or, perhaps like me, if you don’t feel good in your body, you aren’t good in life. When I do not exercise daily, I get sad, my ideas dry up and I become a total grump. I exercise because it makes me love life. Find the real reason you desire a healthy body.

Make it ridiculously simple. I was in the gym last week (I rarely work out in a gym) and a man came in, got on the treadmill for under 10 minutes and then got off, turned to the man on the bike and said, “see you tomorrow.” If commitment and exercise has always been a challenge, start so ridiculously simple, you can not fail! Stop with the mega boot-camp goals and make it totally simple. Be ridiculous! If you are reading this now and haven’t exercised in a long time, I want you to do this right now: Stand up and march on the spot as fast as you can for 60 seconds (count out loud). Did you do it? Start this week, what ridiculously simple goal could you take on for just 1 week? Complete week 1 and then take on 2 weeks of seriously simple goals; then 3 weeks, then 4 … It’s pretty hard not to succeed when you start simple!

Give yourself permission to play. I remember one time talking to a friend of mine who lives in New York. I told him I don’t go to the gym and he looked dumb-founded. “How do you exercise?” he asked. Hilarious isn’t it – have we really become so uninspired that we can’t even think how to move our bodies without a $800 gym membership? Several years ago I bought a Kickbike (City G4) and I love it. Think, scooter for big kids and that’s a Kickbike. Get creative and play. If you’ve forgotten how, ask your kids for ideas.

Allow failure. Let yourself off the hook. I’ve been helping my mum move out of her 4 story town-house into a condo and it has completely exhausted me. I’ve told her she better love the condo because she’s NEVER moving again (nice Paula)! Then I agreed to drive her to Florida – 24 hours later. I rolled into January 1st quite tired. No exercise for several days and I just allowed the laze of, I don’t feel like it to take me over because I trust myself. I’ve created a habit out of daily exercise and when I do stop, I know it won’t be long before I begin again. I understand that my body just occasionally needs to crash. I allow myself NOT to be perfect and NOT to have six pack abs. My fitness goals are more to do with thriving than vanity. Be kind to yourself.

So bound into 2015! Let your love handles be sexy, understand the real reason you exercise, make it ridiculously simple, allow failures and NEVER forget to play!

Here are some fun ways to exercise that I recommend:

Rocker Board – brilliant for balance and regaining excellent pelvic posture
Street Strider – I’m saving up for this one!
Pogo Stick – I bounced so much, I broke the spring on the one I owned as a child.
Hacky Sack – not easy, but lots of great ‘how to’ videos on Youtube.
Unicycle – How cool would it be to learn this?!

Can you suggest any others? I’m always looking for new toys!

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