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Paula is a self-confessed posture addict. She is the creator of a popular video blog on posture with millions of Youtube views. She is the best-selling author of The Posture Doctor and a popular keynote speaker. With over a decade of clinical experience in Chiropractic and a fellowship in the physics of posture, Paula is fast becoming the next big thing in online digital healthcare.
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Can I Correct My Posture – The Truth | Posture Hack #4

The question I get asked the most is: How long will it take to correct my posture? The second most common  question: Is it possible to correct my posture? One of my students recently emailed me this question:   Can it really be corrected? I am 31 and just realizing in the last year how [...]

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Achieving Tasks (Includes Exercise) Must Begin With This | Posture Hack #1

Yesterday I had a mini entrepreneurial breakdown … cue the violins.   You see, I’m a Chiropractor yes but also an entrepreneur. I run the entire Posture Videos  business myself! Well, that is mostly true. I have a videographer who helps me with big projects; a remote IT guy I’ve never met, an accountant in England and [...]

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The Ridiculous Reason We Don’t Exercise | Posture Hack #3

Recently, I asked why it is that so many people fail to exercise, and this is what you told me:   Overwhelming to find courage and time Because results take too long The busy-ness of life takes over Too tired Aren't motivated enough Too much effort Too lazy Seems like hard work   You gave [...]

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Is There Such a Thing as Good Posture? | Guardian Rebuttal

So is there really such a thing as good posture? Well, good posture is a phrase that is perhaps less than ideal. We don’t talk about good blood pressure or good heart rate or good body temperature we talk about ‘ideal’ or ‘normal’ blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. Just like there is a [...]

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Headache & Migraine | When is Headache Serious?

Even worse than the pain, you don't feel you can't work because you can't concentrate or focus; you're worried about your health; it makes you moody because the pain is exhausting. You don't get important things done and you definitely can't motivate yourself feeling like this. Your headaches leave you feeling isolated from your friends and family, your [...]

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Right Thoracic Scoliosis

Good posture allows our body to respond well to stress from simple every day activities. But when we lose our body alignment, as we do with scoliosis, the stress and strain of simple daily life (sitting, walking, sleeping and other activities of daily living) lead to muscle tension, pain, weakness, spinal degeneration and poor health. [...]

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Over many years, the feet conform to the narrow toe boxes of conventional footwear. This changes the shape of the feet and causes the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues involved in standing, walking, and running to adapt poorly. We can improve toe flexibility and balance by regularly spacing our toes manually. This is one [...]

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