Do I Have a Scoliosis – 5 Clinical Signs

The cause of a large proportion of scoliosis is unknown. Approximately 30% of scoliosis appears due to genetic defect (funny shaped vertebra and rib malformations). Many more girls than boys are diagnosed with scoliosis and...

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Can A Reversed Neck Curve Cause MS?

In the 2005 study, there was found to be significant correlation between the angle of the kyphosis (how much the neck curve was reversed) and the amount of spinal cord flattening.

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Help Trivago Guy Find Posture Doctor

Last night I was watching the CBC national evening news and was absolutely inundated by Trivago advertising. Ah, the thrills of North American TV – not! After reading up on the Trivago Guy, it is...

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Upright Posture and Tetter-Totters

Postural distortions like forward head posture, being over-weight or having an anatomical short leg lead to chronic muscular contraction, which leads to tissue ischemia, inflammation, fibrosis (scar tissue) and disability.

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