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Balance Exercise

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Most people don’t spend any time thinking about their balance until it’s too late. But balance isn’t just a concern for the elderly who are more prone to falls. Balance training is important for anyone who wants to age well, improve athletic ability, coordination, stamina and overall fitness and health.

Balance is a component of health that you must never overlook; without it, all of the weight training and exercise in the world won’t help you. Most of the exercises I’ve put together in this course involve fun exercises and activities to improve balance. 

By using the balance techniques in this course, you will start to really pay attention to your body as you exercise, and should notice improvements in your balance, coordination, posture, core strength, agility and athletic skill. 

Very simple to follow and encouraging. Dianne Horvath

I am always looking for simple ways to improve, and this series seems to do the trick. Joan Kimball

Paula is a wonderful teacher and presenter. The materials are great and offered in a very motivating way. Very convincing stuff! Thank you so much Paula. Rainer W