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Get Rid Of Headaches

Thank you for your interest in my headache course. 

Like you, I have had a long history of chronic daily headaches and I understand that other people don’t realize how simple, beautiful and free you feel without a headache, until you have one, and suddenly nothing else matters. 

Maybe there’s a hammer pounding your skull or you feel like there’s a tightrope around your head. You’re neck is stiff and your head is throbbing, as if your heart is pounding inside your head. It’s persistent and constant like a toothache in your head. Perhaps you are sensitive to sound and light and it makes you feel nauseous. It’s all just bloody awful and you wonder how you’re going to make it through the day. 

Even worse than the pain, you don’t feel you can’t work because you can’t concentrate or focus; you’re worried about your health; it makes you moody because the pain is exhausting. You don’t get important things done and you definitely can’t motivate yourself feeling like this. Your headaches leave you feeling isolated from your friends and family, your quality of life is deeply affected and it pretty much takes the joy out of life. 

Is that you?

This is no joke – I know what it is to suffer from chronic headaches, because I had them for years!

Course Description

I’ll be teaching you everything I know about headache and demonstrating the actual exercises and techniques I’ve used so successfully to treat my patients in private practice and to heal my own chronic headache pain. These exercises have the potential to alleviate even the most chronic of headaches. Not only will I cover my top 7 treatment techniques, but I’ll also teach you how to rule out worrying red flags, give you several ergonomic best practices and share with you the top 3 researched methods for outsourcing headache treatment.

The course has some in depth written sections to give you the information you need. There are audios and animations and of course live video demonstrations – these are amazing! There are even downloadable documents and charts for you to print out.

If you do the work – at most the course is 2 hours of your life –  Worst case scenario, you slightly improve and at best, your headaches vanish!

If you have a desire to sleep better, accomplish more, concentrate, go out, laugh again, experience more joy, feel well, see your family and friends, smile, focus, have fun, exercise and feel healthy and happy again, then this course is for you!

What students are saying

I really enjoyed this course and feel I have a much better understanding of why I get headaches and what the origin of my headaches is. The material was very well explained both verbally and using easy to follow examples and diagrams. Dr. Paula’s knowledge on the personal side of headache pain was a comfort and I enjoyed her personality. I now feel as though I have some tools to help me correct the habits that have contributed to my pain and discomfort. Thank you Dr. Paula! 

Tracy Rice

Fabulous course, lots of great information explained and demonstrated, easy to use the learning straight away to help. Thank you!

Dorothy Dowlen

Paula has given us lots of great tools. Though I have had migraines for 30 years and researched lots of ways to relieve them, she had some new ideas I haven’t tried before. But, of course, her ideas are only as good as my carry through in actually using them. Now the hard work starts of developing some new habits of using these ideas!

Marcia Welser

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