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Get Rid Of Headaches

Like you, I have had a long history of chronic daily headaches and I understand that other people don’t realize how beautiful and free you feel without a headache, until you have one, and suddenly nothing else matters. 

This is no joke – I know what it is to suffer from chronic headaches, because I had them for years!

Course Description

If you have a desire to sleep better, accomplish more, improve concentration and even laugh again, then this course is for you!

I really enjoyed this course and feel I have a much better understanding of why I get headaches … The material was very well explained both verbally and using easy to follow examples and diagrams. Dr. Paula’s knowledge on the personal side of headache pain was a comfort and I enjoyed her personality … Thank you Dr. Paula! Tracy Rice

Fabulous course, lots of great information explained and demonstrated, easy to use the learning straight away to help. Thank you! Dorothy Dowlen

Paula has given us lots of great tools. Though I have had migraines for 30 years and researched lots of ways to relieve them, she had some new ideas I haven’t tried before. Marcia Welser