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Neck Hump

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By the end of the course, you’ll understand the cause, and have an actual rehabilitation routine to get rid of your fatty neck hump.

I’ll be teaching exercises based on a highly researched technique called CBP – Clinical Biophysics of Posture. This technique is perfect for those with a visible fatty neck hump that has failed to respond to treatment or exercises already tried.

This course is so THOROUGH – so easy to understand – everything so clearly stated on matters that have puzzled me for years! All the same questions, practitioners I’ve had in the past only brushed aside, Dr Paula has answered in spades! I especially appreciate the photographs, x-rays, and – wow! the dialogue between her and real patients. Marty Rickert

This course was wonderful! Paula is a great presenter, and she made everything very clear and easy to understand. The exercises are great. There sure are a lot! 🙂 Heather Ladd

I’ve been looking for this information for years!!! I’ve spoken to health care professionals but none have given this condition any real attention. I’m relieved to have found it now at 30 yrs old hoping that i reverse the FHP and in doing so give myself better health as I age. Anaiya Cooper

I am thrilled!!! I started watching Paula on you tube 4 years ago and it probably saved me some further injury to the neck hump I have … I’m 62 and want to stay healthy. Jan Warren

What an eye opener! What a great course! This info is so helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this course together. I’m glad there is some hope for this condition. Russell Cepelak

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