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Posture Makeover | ‘Best-of’

Dr Paula Moore’s courses are renowned as the best source for everything posture with over 9 Million Youtube views.  

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Hi there, I’m Paula! 

I’ve been teaching online courses since September 2014, and in that short period of time, I’ve created many best-selling courses, with over 12,000 enrolled students and 100’s of 5* reviews – we are having a blast!

The Problem

The problem with most exercise programs and gym workouts, is that they are taught by someone who has never examined a body (hands on), never taken or analyzed an x-ray of the spine and most ‘instructors’ have only a certificate of qualification and not a professional degree. This is a BIG PROBLEM.

I’ve been helping people correct their posture for two decades, and the biggest mistake I see fitness instructors make when addressing posture exercise, is they use a functional approach (generic) to correct a structural problem.

A functional approach focuses mainly on pain and symptoms and the outside of the body; but rarely has the ability to actual alter postural alignment, because the underlying cause of bad posture hasn’t been addressed – the structural alignment of the body and spine.

That’s the reason I left a successful private practice as a Chiropractor. I was frustrated by this approach to posture and health. I realized I could help more people, more effectively online.

People with bad posture typically worry about looking unattractive. Is that you? They often develop early arthritis and premature aging and can reduce their vital lung capacity by up to 30%. They want to be active but it hurts when they try. They have typically tried several different types of treatment and various exercise regimes but when they look in the mirror they see little difference. This is a BIG PROBLEM.

Course Description

So quite simply, I’ve taken a few of the most viewed/most popular posture exercises from each of my best-selling posture courses and offered them right here in this course.

You’ll find a Best-of Posturecise section, a Best-of Posturecise (Level 2), a Best-of Sit Less Move More, a Best-of Balance Exercise for Beginners, a Best-of Neck Hump, a Best-of Scoliosis Exercise, a Best-of How to Get Rid of Headache & Migraine, a Best-of Text Neck and a Best-of Travel Exercise. Basically, this course includes a Best-of section for every posture course I’ve ever made!

You’ll even get several 5-minute workouts that you can download and print for easy reference. I’ve NEVER offered that before!

This course was a lot of work and I truly hope you find it engaging and fun. 

Take a good look through the course description and free previews; just click the learn more button to do that now.

See you on the course!

This is great, I never thought that sitting posture in cars also matters as I have multiple pain points in my shoulder blades and painful neck muscles, so driving car for more than 30 minutes also contributed to elevate my pain. I will ask few question regarding sleeping as my neck is more painful and stiff when I wake up. Instructor seems knowledgeable with this topic. Great course and keep up the good work.

Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

Excellent information in short segments. Easy to understand.

Carlyn Martin

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