Scoliosis Exercises

Course Description

There are two main  types of scoliosis which we cover in the course, and one type can often be improved and reduced with treatment and exercise. Unfortunately, there are not many practitioners qualified or even aware that such treatments and exercise programs exist, and as a result you will frequently read that: “Exercise programs have not been shown to keep scoliosis from getting worse.” That simply isn’t true.

It is the specific type of exercise program that makes all the difference; and I will be teaching THAT specific program inside this course.

Useful, practical and easy to learn.  Antonis Dimas

This course has been a really good place to start to understand my scoliosis and work with it daily … this course lets you do it yourself, they are basic once you understand your scoliosis and you don’t need to pay big money to have someone show you them. I’ve got more exercises from this course so far than my practitioner.  Kelly Whiteman

I am able to follow and understand my own scoliosis curvature … which is important for the mentioned stretching and strengthening exercise ahead.  Alexis Chow

Very informational and what good timing for myself to do something about my curve at age 25. Thank you!  Julia Cheam