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Sit Less Move More

Course Description

This online office exercise course will teach you how to sit less and move more, using active sitting techniques.

This course is designed to undo the damaging effects of prolonged sitting, even if you have little to no experience with exercise, and will help you feel more energetic, confident and attractive and perhaps, even more successful at work!

I’m loving the awesome information we’re being given – and I’m even further convinced I want to share this with my children who have sedentary jobs. Thank you so much, Dr. Paula!! Connie Nikkel

Course very much teaches what it advertises. Very accessible exercises that can be incorporated with relative ease into one’s day. Nothing too difficult or strenuous, and most ideal for use in the office. Julia Read

Wow! A Simple Yet Energizing Workout. Paula said the program she teaches is so simple you can’t fail. And she really delivers on that promise. This course is fun, engaging, and truly energizing. The routines are short, easy to follow, and you do not need to purchase any special equipment. There is a printout of the different routines, which helps you remember the steps in each one … I highly recommend this course for anyone who has a job that requires a great deal of sitting. Autumn Gal

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