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Text Neck

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This course is for any of you who spend prolonged periods of time using mobile devices – cell phone, ipad, computer, even books and reading. Anything that encourages forward head posture and the chronic muscular activity associated with that posture. 

In this course you will learn how to prevent Text Neck quickly and spend most of the time learning some pretty cool new exercises to help you alleviate the signs and symptoms of text neck.  

Paula has done a better job of explaining and demonstrating posture than many chiropractors I know. Keep up the good work. Cathy Howard

This is an excellent course for people with forward head posture and neck tension. The exercises are thorough, clearly explained and demonstrated, and the advice is outstanding. The exercises can be done at home and really do target the problems. I’ve been a professional massage practitioner for 19 years, with plenty of clients with tight, sore necks. This is the first time I’ve encountered specific, actionable advice about sleeping positions and selecting a pillow, and an excellent series of exercises to help clients improve not just their necks, but also their upper body posture. Kitzie McKinney

The course is clear and simple to follow. It’s really made me aware of how bad for my posture it is when I lean over my mobile phone. I’m going to be more careful about how I use my phone in future. Thanks Paula. Great job. Rachel Papworth

I’ve been aware of this exercise before, but never had it demonstrated as clearly as in this presentation. Genevieve Morley

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