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Skype with paula

Skype consultation with the Posture Doctor in the comfort of your own home. Ask all of your health-related questions and Paula will begin to uncover important facts about your posture and health in general.

Discuss your health and get the answers you need to start improving your posture today!

Posture assessment

Submit your pictures for a detailed Posture Analysis. You will take 4 specific images for a detailed analysis of your posture. You will receive a full written report of our findings and recommendations. Follow the video instructions below to find out how to take and send your images.

How to Take Your Pictures

Submit your images and receive a full written report on your posture.

x-ray measuring

Submit any previous spinal x-rays (or MRIs) for a detailed structural analysis. If you do not have x-rays, you may be encouraged to obtain specific images through a doctor/chiropractor (based on the information from Step 2). You will  receive a detailed written report, in clear (non-medical) language. Follow the instructions below when submitting your x-rays:

How to Send Your X-Rays

Have your x-rays re-assessed and explained in language you understand.

Posture exercise

The Posture Doctor will design a custom-made exercise program specific to you.  A tailored exercise program will be designed, based on the information gained in Steps 1-3.  A  downloadable video file of your exercise program will be emailed to you, ensuring access for  life!

A cutom-made exercise program will be designed for you!

A Structural Problem Requires A Structural Solution. Every Time.

Take Pictures (Step 2)

Imagine having your posture evaluated using specific mathematical analysis and then receiving visual feedback and written recommendations.

Submit X-Rays (Step 3)

The underlying cause of bad posture is the structural alignment of the body and spine and that is why an x-ray analysis is absolutely essential!

Start Exercises (Step 4)

The exercises are simple, because exercise doesn’t need to hurt to work! Our programs target the whole body and are safe and gentle enough to do every day.

What You Had to Say . . .

My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and has become very bent. He scoffs at most alternative therapies, but he makes an exception for Paula.  He says she has helped him regain some of his height, and he enjoys doing the simple exercises she recommended.

Janet Stewart

I just wanted to thank you for the useful information provided in my posture analysis … This time last week my lower back pain was around 9 on 1 – 10 scale, after doing some of the exercises … especially the pelvic tilts my lower back has loosened up and is more like a 3 on the scale now.

David Hamilton

Greatest improvements are more flexibility in my back and neck (able to turn round more) – lower back pain improvement by on average 80% plus – my increased willingness to hold better posture and the ease with which I can hold my posture is greater than at any time I have done it before.

Ashley Burt

Very happy with my posture analysis. It confirmed what I already suspected, fleshed out details and gave me hope for future improvement. Paula’s Skype consultation went on much longer than the time allocated and she was friendly and helpful. Thanks for “going the extra mile.”

Howard R

Helping You Regain Posture Confidence!

Through Cutom-Made Posturecise Programs

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