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What is your age?
Do you wake up with body stiffness?
Do you have a desk-based job?
Do you smoke or have you in the past?
Are your shoulders tense?
Do you exercise regularly?
Do you get more than 1 headache per month?
Have you had any car accidents over 20mph - even if you walked away?
Have you ever had neck x-rays taken? (Choose all that apply)
Do you have an obvious neck hump?
Have other people commented on your poor posture?
Do you feel pain or stiffness in your mid back?
Do you feel happy?
Are you more than 25 pounds overweight?
How much alcohol do you drink?
I can't stop slouching when I try.
My posture and health limits me (choose all that apply):
If the last 4 weeks, your pain has:
How does your posture make you feel?
Describe your ability to lift:
Do you have a scoliosis (curvature of the spine)?
Have you ever broken your leg?
Did either of your biological parents have a knee or hip replacement?
Women only - Have you had a hysterectomy before age 50?
Women only - Have you had an emergency c-section (giving birth):

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