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There was one total frustration throughout my chiropractic training and some years that followed. I hated my posture. I was ashamed to be a practitioner with forward head posture.

PAULA MOOREPosture Doctor
I became a Doctor of Chiropractic and later gained a fellowship in the physics of posture correction. I fell in love with posture!

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One day as I looked at my body in the mirror, the penny dropped. All along I’d been telling my clients they didn’t just have a low back problem, a neck problem, headache or shoulder problem; but a problem with their whole body. This moment changed my life. I began creating videos and tailored exercise programs to address the underlying cause of bad posture – the structural alignment of the (whole) body and spine. My posture obsession became my full-time devotion!

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Good posture isn’t a condition granted only to a lucky few.
Good posture is a habit – a daily habit,
and one you can learn to love!

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Since I started your POSTURECISE Program with great enthusiasm – two women I ran into at the grocery store yesterday thought I looked “different!” … just that I seemed so confident!

Ellen Hyner (USA)
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Back pain has affected my life greatly. Dr Paula Moore has found the main cause of the problem and it has made an immense difference to my job. To anyone who is suffering constant pain it is well worth spending a little money to make you feel that life is worth living again.

Derek Davis (UK)
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Really enjoying the course! As a desk worker I am always worried about my posture and health. Lots of fun exercises in here and already I can feel my spine loosening and dare I say it – I seem to be getting taller!

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