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Transforming posture & health one spine at a time

Starting Too Late | “This is possibly the biggest mistake most of you will make with your posture correction and the reason is simple. Pain is a great motivator! If I could stress one very crucial point, it would be this: Please don’t wait for the pain!”

Postureicse Level 1 | Create a simple daily posture habit with 21 simple “techniques” – and all without living at the gym

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Posturecise Level 2 | Fix your posture by training like a pro. Work closely with a qualified Posture Doctor, so you get big results

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Sit Less Move More | Helping people and the organizations they work for – engage, flourish and thrive with daily office-based body movement

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It’s a very nice program to reboot your spine, and with some thought it can be incorporated as mini-breaks during the day if you are working at a desk… Well worth it.

Vicky Iko

I’ve started the stretches and after months of sciatic pain, I am nearly pain free. I’m making better progress that I did with physical therapy … This is worth the time.

Linda Johnson

I have started the exercises and I must admit: they are GREAT! Your voice, the rhythm, the intensity are all perfect for me. Thank you. It is good to feel my body waking up!

Mar Kis

Balance Exercise for Beginners | 30 Ways to Improve Your Balance in 30 Days – Best Prevention

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Neck Hump | How to get rid of the fat at the top of your back

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Scoliosis Exercise You Can Do From Home | Reduce pain, slow scoliosis progression and improve appearance

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This is an excellent course for people with forward head posture and neck tension. The exercises are thorough, clearly explained and demonstrated, and the advice is outstanding.

Kitzie McKinney

Really enjoyed Dr. Paula Moore’s course. She provided a lot of information and reference material to help live with my back issues. How to stretch, how to breath, how to exercise with a lot of encouragement and a lot of empathy. 

Russell Cepelak

This course has been a really good place to start to understand my scoliosis … I’ve got more exercises from this course so far than my practitioner.

Kelly Whiteman

How To Get Rid of Headache or Migraine | Proven techniques to stop headache pain & heal your body. Includes red flags and best ergonomic tips for daily life

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Text Neck | How to avoid neck pain, fix Text Neck and improve your posture

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Travel Exercise | Best Travel Workouts for the Car or Plane

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Posture Confidence

When you feel good in your body you feel good in life

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