Over many years, the feet conform to the narrow toe boxes of conventional footwear. This changes the shape of the feet and causes the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues involved in standing, walking, and running to adapt poorly. We can improve toe flexibility and balance by regularly spacing our toes manually. This is one [...]

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Back To School – How to Improve Your Child’s Posture

Recently, taking a little look around, I’m shocked by the postures I am seeing in our youth. Do your kids have mobile phones and tablets? How many hours a day do they spend using them? Many of these kids and young adults may already have Text Neck. How’s your own posture by the way?   [...]

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The Truth About Standing Desks | What Desk Should You Buy?

With the new surge in sitting research, ergonomics companies, standing desk manufacturers and wearable fitness tracker entrepreneurs are raking it in. If sitting is truly the new aging disease, should we all through away our desk, buy a treadmill and carry out walking meetings like business innovator Nilofer Merchant?

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Increased Risk of Fall Begins at 40! | Posture Doctor

One of the main health concerns with aging is falling, which is often related to poor balance. In fact, many studies show that people begin to have balance problems starting at just 40 years of age!   >> Balance Exercise for Beginners – 30 Ways to improve your balance in 30 days   The older we [...]

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