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How To Sleep + Best Mattress In A Box | Posture Doctor

By | May 31st, 2018|Best Products, Ergonomics, Lifestyle|

  Because we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping - actually 28 years, if we live to 84 - it's  important to give some real attention to our sleeping posture.   Here are my Top 6 Sleeping No-Nos:   Do not sleep on your front (prone) Do not sleep on an old mattress (10 years +) Do not use more than one pillow (see video below) Do not sleep in the recovery position Do not sleep in a tight fetal position Do not sleep more than eight hours a night (ideally)   Front Sleeping   When sleeping on your front

Hump Back | Neck Hump, Buffalo Hump, Dowager’s Hump or Kyphosis?

By | April 19th, 2018|Courses, Posture Science, Videos|

There are a lot of euphemisms used in medicine. I find euphemisms, when it comes to our health, patronizing. I think my patients can handle the truth, so I don't intentionally soften my words to ease a diagnosis.   One very common euphemism is to call a neck hump a buffalo hump. I prefer the term neck hump, but they do mean the same thing; except the hump on an actual Buffalo consists of about 70 Ib of muscle used to move snow! The neck humps on humans - if due to a structural change in the neck - consist of

The Neurology of Habits – How Long Does it Take? (Posture Hack #5)

By | March 26th, 2018|Lifestyle, Posture Hacks|

Do you ever feel like you are one of the most un-disciplined people you know? We all feel that way sometimes. I'm so committed to my health and posture, that occasionally I spin out and think I’m a lazy lump for missing even one day of Posturecise; but it wasn't always such a solid habit of mine.   When I was in my teens, I was super active and sporty. When I turned 19, I moved away and went to university and stopped all forms of physical activity – I began drinking on weekends like you do, and barely got

Can I Correct My Posture – The Truth | Posture Hack #4

By | March 19th, 2018|Lifestyle, Posture Hacks|

The question I get asked the most is: How long will it take to correct my posture? The second most common  question: Is it possible to correct my posture? One of my students recently emailed me this question:   Can it really be corrected? I am 31 and just realizing in the last year how bad it is from sitting at a computer for long hours … I feel like I look like one of those drawings of the evolution of man!! Ugh. I need to fix this but how long, realistically, would this take considering how long it likely

Achieving Tasks (Includes Exercise) Must Begin With This | Posture Hack #1

By | March 16th, 2018|Lifestyle, Posture Hacks|

Yesterday I had a mini entrepreneurial breakdown … cue the violins.   You see, I’m a Chiropractor yes but also an entrepreneur. I run the entire Posture Videos  business myself! Well, that is mostly true. I have a videographer who helps me with big projects; a remote IT guy I’ve never met, an accountant in England and Canada and that’s the lot!   By the way, this story is shortly going to relate to my  Top 5 Posture Hacks, so bare with.   The problem with being a creative entrepreneur is that NEW is always attractive. This entrepreneur can suffer boredom, perfectionism,

The Ridiculous Reason We Don’t Exercise | Posture Hack #3

By | March 12th, 2018|Lifestyle, Posture Exercises, Posture Hacks|

Recently, I asked why it is that so many people fail to exercise, and this is what you told me:   Overwhelming to find courage and time Because results take too long The busy-ness of life takes over Too tired Aren't motivated enough Too much effort Too lazy Seems like hard work   You gave many answers but I wanted to group these eight reasons together, because they demonstrate such an obvious theme. We lack time, it takes too long, we’re busy, tired, overwhelmed, unmotivated, lazy and it all just seems like hard work!   Today’s Posture Hack should solve

Is There Such a Thing as Good Posture? | Guardian Rebuttal

By | March 8th, 2018|Lifestyle, Posture Science|

So is there really such a thing as good posture? Well, good posture is a phrase that is perhaps less than ideal. We don’t talk about good blood pressure or good heart rate or good body temperature we talk about ‘ideal’ or ‘normal’ blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. Just like there is a normal range for those vital signs, there is also an ideal for body alignment (posture) and an acceptable range of normal.   So in answer to Luisa Dillner's article in the Guardian: Are you sitting comfortably: the myth of good posture I say this:   Let’s

What Texting Does to the Neck and Spine | Posture Doctor

By | March 7th, 2018|Courses, Posture Exercises|

The weight of the head (roughly 10 -12 Ibs) is a key factor in developing Text Neck. Our neck muscles are positioned to support the weight of the head in a neutral position— in other words, directly in line with our shoulders, not out in front.   However, most people look down at a 60-degree angle when texting on their phones, which places a lot of force on their neck muscles, discs and joints.   Related >> Text Neck | Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises  

Headache & Migraine | When is Headache Serious?

By | March 6th, 2018|Courses|

Even worse than the pain, you don't feel you can't work because you can't concentrate or focus; you're worried about your health; it makes you moody because the pain is exhausting. You don't get important things done and you definitely can't motivate yourself feeling like this. Your headaches leave you feeling isolated from your friends and family, your quality of life is deeply affected and it pretty much takes the joy out of life. Related >>  How to Get Rid of Headache & Migraine