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There was one total frustration throughout my chiropractic training and some years that followed. I hated my posture. I was ashamed to be a practicing Chiropractor with forward head posture. 

I spent my summers river-rafting, fishing and collecting golf balls that landed in the river from the two private golf clubs that bordered its banks. I sold the golf balls back to the private club members – That was my first experience running my own business.  Even then, my business involved being physically active.

I was blessed growing up surrounded by wilderness and it isn’t surprising that the outdoors has always been my sanctuary, and that is how and where my passion for health and well-being was born. Read More

One thought on “Dr Paula Moore|Posture Doctor”

  1. Hello,
    This msg is for Dr Paula,
    Just a quick query about posture, I have bad posture with what I believe is a forward head posture. I have a long spine relative to my height which I believe has caused this issue. My question is is bad posture caused by the spine or the muscles in the neck and back?

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