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What if it was possible to hardwire our brains to sit up straight? The new science of habit loops may just be the answer to the eternal question: How do I correct my posture?

Charles Duhigg, journalist and MBA Harvard graduate, in his excellent book The Power of Habit  tells us that individuals are all very different, and so changing the patterns in our lives will differ from person to person. As a result, changing a habit isn’t prescriptive. Although Duhigg introduces the habit loop – formed of cue, routine and reward – this is more of a framework than a recipe. This framework helps us understand how habits work and provides structure to experimenting with how they might change.

I’ve taken Duhigg’s habit loop and applied it to the habit I like to call good posture. I believe that achieving good posture is more to do with the practice of creating healthy new habits, than it is about good genetics or good luck.

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