Infinite Moon Everpillow Review (Updated 2023)

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Please note that we are no longer able to recommend the Infinite Moon Everpillow, and it no longer reaches the standards necessary for our highest marks. Also, we are no longer using it, and never recommend anything that we aren’t using ourselves.

For far less than its cost of $80-$90, there are pillows in the market that we feel are better for your posture, more comfortable and cheaper.

We particularly recommend the Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows.

Please check out the following options:

The Everpillow by Infinite Moon is yet another option of comfortable pillows available online. In my never-ending search for the perfect night’s sleep, one of my posture pupils brought this pillow to my attention.

Sleeping is a competitive market. There are ergonomic pillows, organic pillows, memory foam pillows, thin pillows, fat pillows, extra firm, extra soft, down-filled, goose-filled, and even pillows filled with cooling gel. With so many choices in the sleeping marketplace, it’s getting harder to be different. Infinite Moon doesn’t just make different pillows. They make a difference too.

Everpillow is more than just a comfortable pillow. When you purchase an Everpillow, you become part of a pretty cool story. More on that later…

Overview of the EverPillow

Simplicity is the word that comes to mind. Infinite Moon has kept things simple with the Everpillow. There is a regular-shaped pillow (The Original) for back sleepers and a curved pillow (The Curve) for side sleepers. Notice there isn’t one for stomach sleeping, because as any good posture doctor will tell you, you should avoid stomach sleeping!

You have three options for the pillow fill you get. 100% natural latex, Kapok silk from the Java Cotton Tree – which is meant to be particularly good at resisting moisture and mites – or a combination of the two, allowing you to customize what kind of pillow you get. Nice!

Infinite Moon is a Movement

Infinite Moon’s business model is part of a movement called Emergent.

Emergent is a movement of people and businesses dedicated to transforming business and society. Over the last 15 years, our shared mission and 20/20/60 model has transformed local communities through more than 2 million dollars of charitable giveback.

The idea is that 20% goes to charity, 20% is re-invested, and 60% is profit for the company. I already loved this company before my pillow even arrived as one with a high level of ideals.

Infinite Moon Philosophy

If you like to choose the companies you buy from based on their philanthropic endeavors or impact on the world, then this might sway your pillow-buying decision. Infinite Moon has paired with a Denver-based company that helps transition people at risk back into the workforce. This includes people with addictions formerly incarcerated or homeless.

Everpillow is Natural

These days I’m a little cautious when I read 100% natural. Even the label no sugar added sadly, does not mean free from sugar. It just means they haven’t added any more sugar to the original recipe ingredients. Everpillow fill comes in 100% natural latex or Kapok silk. There are synthetic latex varieties, but natural latex comes from rubber trees. Kapuk silk comes from the Java Cotton Tree of Central and South America. I love the idea of sleeping on silk!

Kapok Tree silk

While I really like the EverPillow, there are 2 small things I would change or add. I’d like to see each pillow come with a slipcover. Although the pillow I ordered has a lovely organic cotton cover that feels like heaven, it is still the only barrier from drooling mouth to pillow fill. I usually buy my own slipcovers for all of my pillows, but I think it would be a really nice added feature to include one in the purchase.

The second thing I’d change is the shape of the curved pillow. I ordered The Original without the cut-out for the shoulder. I am a side sleeper, but I wouldn’t say I like the idea of a semi-rigid seam, but I didn’t test this model, to be fair. I’m not too fond of the aesthetics of funny-shaped pillows. I like symmetry – hence my affinity for good postural alignment. I like to make up my beds with nice sheets and pillowcases. A c-shaped pillow looks darn funny. Plus, I find The Original is nicely pliable. It easily forms into my shoulder—no need for a curve.

My Infinite Moon EverPillow Recommendation

I was pleasantly surprised with the EverPillow. I normally get contacted by companies who want me to test their ergonomic products. This was one of the first companies I actually contacted. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and in fact, the pillow stayed boxed for several weeks before I even opened it. Unboxing the pillow and customizing the fill levels to make my sleeping posture and alignment as close to ideal as possible was a very intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Everpillow is a quality product that is accurately priced. I like that they’ve made a real effort to be different and give back financially and directly to their local community. Oh, and I’m in love with Kapok silk; from the very moment, my hand dove deep into my silky pillow fill… heavenly!


8 thoughts on “Infinite Moon Everpillow Review (Updated 2023)”

    1. Hi Diahn,

      Spider silk comes from spiders and Java silk somes from the Kapock Tree. Image here:

      It is heavenly … I plunged my hand into the pillow of silk (to customize my pillow size by removing some fill) … now I am completely intruiged by Kapock silk. It gaining popularity in the manufacture of all kinds of natural products.

      I think i’d even forgotten we get silk from spiders! Thanks for reminder 🙂


  1. Hi Paula, Thanks for this review! Was it easy to go in and remove some of the filling to customize? Wondering if you had to undo some stitching first, for example.


    1. Hi Karen,

      It’s super easy to remove the filling. Watch the video review HERE and start watching at 3:50

      I did it in my living room. Just unzip the pillow, grab handfuls of fill and plop the excess into the drawstring bad they supply. Fast and easy. Now after a couple more weeks, think I’l remove another 5 handfuls. And you can order more fill down the road, if you want to. Pretty cool concept. Love it!

      Don’t forget to post the reason why you need an everpillow on our Facebook Page, with hashtage #winapillow and then share the post to your own fb page to win! Winner will be drawn July 1st.

      Good luck 🙂

  2. You need to try the curve one! Me and my other both ordered each one. He ended up with the original but I loooooove the curve!! Its the best pillow I ever bought and will never go back! I also sleep on my side and have tried other weird shaped pillows and nothing and I mean nothing compares! Also they have silk covers you can buy for your pillow on their site. Usually get a discount on cases or sheets if you buy one or other and they put all that right on description page! Hope you enjoy! BUT DEFINITELY GIVE THE CURVE A TRY!!!

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