Lump On Back Of Neck – What Is This Ugly Hump?

Do you wear high collars to hide the unattractive lump on the back of your neck? What is this ugly fatty neck lump? How did you get it and how can you get rid of it?

In this post I am discussing the fatty neck lump that develops due to Forward Head Posture (fhp). Fhp is best described as the forward position of the head, relative to the shoulders.

Buffalo Hump

There are many other possible causes of neck lumps that I am not making reference to here: The fatty lipoma, the goitre, lymph nodes and cysts, to name but a few. Read more about other possible causes of the fatty neck lump (aka Buffalo Hump).

Cervical Kyphosis

If you know you have a forward head and also a lump on the back on your neck, you may benefit from x-ray investigation to rule out a reversed neck curve, known as cervical kyphosis. When the neck curve kinks the wrong way, it pushes the head forward. With the head pushed forward, the lower neck (and spine) become more prominent and vulnerable.

Resources: 2nd Opinion For X-Rays

Some of my posture pupils do have a neck hump at the upper part of their backs and it has a hard bony feel to it. What they are often feeling is the kinked area of the neck. If this structural deviation has been there long enough, the body may lay down fat in an effort to protect the spine – or at least that’s the way I like to simplify and explain a complicated process to my pupils.

Resources: Posture Analysis

If you’ve suffered long term symptoms that may include: headaches, stiff and/or painful neck, dizziness, arm and hand tingling or numbness, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, round shoulders, teeth clenching, TMJ dysfunction or anxiety, and you’ve had any sort of past trauma that might have affected your neck – traumatic birth (ask your mother), car accident, a fall from a height, off a horse, out of a swing, down a flight of stairs … you may find this video very relevant: