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mattress in a box

I was on my way out to buy a new memory foam mattress for my bed – which I’ve had before and loved – when Brian from Sleepovation emailed me asking if I would endorse the Sleepovation mattress. He said it uses the latest sleep technology.

Having never even sat on a Sleepovation mattress, much less had one on my bed, I wasn’t prepared to offer an endorsement, but I was happy to give the mattress a try. A true endorsement will only ever come from me if I love and use a product regularly.

Brian was cool with that, and within the next 48 hours, my Sleepovation mattress arrived in a box.

I love several things about this mattress and a few things I’m not so keen on. Here is my review of the Sleepovation Mattress in a Box. I’m not that keen to endorse something that can be so subjective. Please have a read of my pros and cons, do a little research, and then decide for yourself.

Sleepovation Mattress |The good

  1. Support: Sleepovation claims to be the first ‘pocket system’ mattress – also known as ‘tiny mattress.’ In theory, the individual suspension system (made up of 700 tiny mattresses) supports the spinal column and each bone separately. It cradles the body’s curves while providing enough firmness for the back’s muscular and bony structures. This should give pain relief and pressure relief on the neck as there is motion transfer between the different air channels. This is potentially great for spinal alignment, depending on your sleeping position.

    I was skeptical when I first sat on my Sleepovation Mattress because it felt softer than the firm memory foam mattress I have slept on for years. On my first night’s sleep, I slept for 10 hours straight in comfort and didn’t wake to use the bathroom once! That was miraculous for me.

  2. Cleaner: The Sleepovation has removable, washable covers – two in fact! The one you see with the blue zipper in the image above and an elastic mattress cover fits over the top of the quilted cover. This is a definite benefit, as a quality mattress cover can run upwards of $100 and is advised to give you unmatched cleanliness.

    You can also vacuum between each of the 700 tiny mattresses to remove dust. That’s pretty unique!

  3. Cooler: The individual pocket system allows air to circulate right through the mattress channels. I don’t suffer from being too hot at night, so it will be interesting to hear from some of you on this potential benefit.
  4. Motion Isolation: Because each of the 700 tiny mattresses moves independently, you shouldn’t get much co-sleeping disturbance from your partner. So far, I have found that to be true.
  5. Greenguard Certification: Greenguard products are certified for low chemical emissions, so they are considered acceptable for sensitive individuals. I don’t have any allergies myself, so that will be for you to decide.

Sleepovation | Less good

  1. No Slats: Because there are 700 tiny mattresses, box spring or coil underneath isn’t ideal, and neither are slatting because the individual segments can slip through. So you need to use a platform bed or buy a thin sheet of plywood to place over the top of your slatted base.

  2. Not Organic: The material and foam for the Sleepovation mattress are not organic. Organic mattresses are part of the luxury mattress market, and you can expect to pay upwards of $3,000 for one; and by the way, memory foam mattresses are also not organic.

    Typical (non-luxury) mattresses contain chemicals that are probably not that healthy for anyone but particularly unsafe for babies and children. Most mattresses contain petroleum-based chemicals, toxic foams, synthetic fabrics, and fire retardant barriers or chemicals. These chemicals can off-gas and expose your family to dangerous toxins while they sleep.

    Organic mattresses are often made of cotton or wool and use no chemical treatments, but do your research before you buy!

  3. Price: I consider Sleepovation in the quality mattress market, typically between the $1,000 – $2,000 price point. Considering the average person sleeps for 8 hours each night, I did a little calculating:

    8 hrs x 30 days/mth x 12 mths/year = 2,880 hrs sleep/year

    If you start sleeping on a quality mattress like Sleepovation at the age of 30 and live to be 84, that is:

    54 years on a quality mattress. 54yrs x 2,880 hrs/year = 155,520 hrs sleeping on your quality mattress this lifetime.

    155,520 hrs / 24 hrs (per day) = 6,480 days of your adult life spent sleeping! That is 18 total years of sleep from age 30-84! Slightly depressing, isn’t it.

    A Sleepovation Mattress typically costs about $1,500:

    $1,500/6,480 days = approximately 23cents/sleep on your Sleepovation Mattress.

    I’m ok with that. You?

Where to get your Sleepovation Mattress

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You can also buy a Sleepovation pillow made up of 77 tiny pillows and is recommended to give you a good night’s sleep.


6 thoughts on “Mattress in a Box | Sleepovation Review Dr Paula Moore”

  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Thank you for your question. I don’t recommend pillows because I find pillows are a very personal preference. I do recommend in the video, the size and positioning of pillows and that personally I love my soy memory foam pillows. These are widely available in most mattress chain shops. I believe that is where I purchased mine.

    I hope that helps 🙂


  2. Interesting concept. Can I ask what material are all the small mattresses made of and do they have inner springs or just some type of foam/s? I’m also curious about breathability. If there are air gaps between each little mattress, but they’re all sitting on a flat sheet of plywood then where does all the moisture from sleeping bodies go? I know that they generate a lot of moisture each night also heat can destroy foam and limit life/durability. I have to confess I love our slat bed with a regular mattress on top and chose it specially for the coolness. Older women (such as me) can suffer terribly with heat at night, there’s no way I could contemplate a memory foam mattress, I’d be sweltering and never get any sleep!

    1. Hi Anna,

      The thin sheet of plywood sits on top of your slats and then the mattress sits on the plus as it would sit on the slats.

      The moisture goes into the mattress or cover as it would with any mattress.

      I loved the memory foam I used to have but I too and of that ‘sweet’ menopausal age where I would really overheat on foam.

      The pockets on Sleepovation have individual springs. It’s pretty remarkable squeezing down on each individual ‘mattress’ and watching it spring back to form.

      I’ve not once had a night sweat on it. Very good ongoing temp for me.

      Slats aren’t a problem as such. I just use thin (mm thick) of ply. The support feels fantastic!

      Hope that helps 😁

      Great questions!


      1. Could you tell me how thick the plywood is that you put underneath? I also have a wooden slat base. I have seen a recommendation for three-quarter inch plywood, but that seems like overkill (and it wouldn’t do my back much good getting it up the stairs!). If a thinner piece would work, I’d rather do that. Thanks very much.

        1. Hi Madeleine,

          You are right, plywood is overkill! In the end I bought particle board (aim for 6-10mm), which is more than enough support underneath.

          Don’t forget to use my affiliate link to save $50 (or go directly to the site) and the coupon code: POSTURE

          Happy sleeping. I love my Sleepovation!

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