Driving Posture – Best Driving Exercise for Round Shoulders

car stretch

Driving for long hours and holding the steering wheel causes the shoulders to round forward. This simple car stretch will help you fix your round shoulder posture. 

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6 thoughts on “Driving Posture – Best Driving Exercise for Round Shoulders”

    1. Hello Pedro,

      I know exactly how you feel. In England it is referred to as ‘America’ and doesn’t distinguish between Canada and the USA. However, I lived in the uk for 17 years – I was simply poking my British/European friends for a laugh.



  1. Nice idea, Paula, – I will try it one my next longer drive! Just a little comment from a european: there is only driving on the left side of the road in Great Britain! Those Island-People like to do their own thing…

  2. Easy in Canada, with those long empty freeways. Not so easy on Europe’s crowded roads. Probably best in that case to stop the car first!

    1. Hi David,

      Ah yes agreed! I did however create most of the course for my upcoming Travel Exercise course, during the 17 years I lived in England lol I was probably that crazy driver everyone complains about!

      All these exercises are best done during a traffic jam, stop sign or traffic light, as I advise in the full course. Thanks for the heads up – we need more safe drivers 🙂


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