Help Trivago Guy Find Posture Doctor

Last night I was watching the CBC national evening news and was absolutely inundated by Trivago advertising. Ah, the thrills of North American TV – not!

After reading up on the Trivago Guy, it is apparent that he has become somewhat of a scruffy spokesperson for Trivago, probably helping to build their brand awareness. Well, I looked him up too, so I guess it’s working!

What really struck me though was the Trivago Guy’s horrible neck posture – poor guy.


What’s Up With The Trivago Guy’s Neck Posture?

There is a lot wrong with his head and neck posture. I did a mini Posture Analysis on the man:

Right shoulder inferior to left (very!)
Head translated to the right (translated means shifted)
Neck laterally bent left
Head rotated right
This kind of posture pattern in the head and neck could partially be in response to the dropped right shoulder (what we chiropractors term a compensation) but more than likely the Trivago Guy has had a past trauma that has injured the supportive structures in his neck and altered his posture over time. Common traumas include:

car or motorbike accident
hit on the head
fall from a height (includes horses)
any whiplash

The Trivago man or anyone with this kind of asymmetrical head and neck posture may experience some of these symptoms:

tense, painful shoulders
neck pain
sinus trouble
brain fog
tingling hands or fingers
depression and/or anxiety
difficulty concentrating
Please Help Trivago Guy Find Posture Doctor!

What is your experience of head or neck trauma? Did it change your posture?