Help Trivago Guy Find Posture Doctor

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Last night I was watching the CBC national evening news and was absolutely inundated by Trivago advertising. Ah, the thrills of North American TV – not!

After reading up on the Trivago Guy, it is apparent that he has become somewhat of a scruffy spokesperson for Trivago, helping to build their brand awareness. Well, I looked him up too, so I guess it’s working!

What really struck me though was the Trivago Guy’s horrible neck posture – poor guy.

What’s up with Trivago Man’s neck? 

There is a lot wrong with his head and neck posture. I did a mini Posture Analysis on the man:

  • Right shoulder inferior to left (very!) – can suggest scoliosis
  • Head translated or shifted right – his right
  • Neck laterally bent left (his left ear sits lower)

This kind of posture pattern in the head and neck could be a compensation for a problem lower down in the pelvis (anatomical short leg for example), but more than likely the Trivago Guy had a past trauma that injured the supportive structures in his neck, causing altered alignment over time.

Common traumas include:

  • car or motorbike accident
  • hit on the head
  • fall from a height (includes horses, off bikes, down stairs)

The Trivago Man or anyone with this kind of asymmetrical head and neck alignment may experience some of these symptoms:

  • headaches
  • tense, painful shoulders
  • neck pain
  • sinus trouble
  • brain fog
  • tingling hands or fingers
  • depression and/or anxiety
  • difficulty concentrating
  • vertigo

Please help Trivago guy find me!

What is your experience of head or neck trauma? 

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