Is It Too Late To Improve My Posture?


Possibly the biggest mistake many of you will make when trying to correct your posture is leaving it too late – so don’t.

“Can it really be corrected? I am 31 and just realizing in the last year how bad it is from sitting at a computer for long hours … I feel like I look like one of those drawings of the evolution of man!! Ugh. I need to fix this but how long, realistically, would this take considering how long it likely took to get like this?”

Staring too late, is just one of the 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make Correcting Posture. How late is too late? By the time many of us are 25, a process called sarcopenia will have already begun. Sarcopenia is the degenerative change of skeletal muscle mass and strength. The ideal age to begin our posture correction is when we are still growing. But pain is the worlds biggest motivator – no pain, no problem right? Wrong!

By the time we have aches and pains, spinal stiffness, lost confidence and an unattractive body image, many of us will already have degenerative changes. If we begin to develop a healthy Posturecise habit before the signs and symptoms begin in later life, we have a much better chance of improving our long-term health outcomes and are more likely to get the kind of results that other people notice!

How long will it take to fix your posture? I’ll leave that detailed answer for another post, but be sure of this: The longer you leave it, the longer it will take to correct!

Start now – start today!

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