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Are You Skinny Fat? Beware This Toxic Villain

I'm skinny but I'm starting to wonder if I may in fact be fat. Last Thursday December 4th I quietly decided to give up sugar. I say quietly, in case I grab a big piece [...]

Assertive Or Rude? Avoid These 5 Confidence Faux Pas!

This morning I had a business meeting with my bank manager. As bank managers go, she is lovely. Having shared with her that my mother just sold her house and how stressful that has been, [...]

Lump On Back Of Neck – What Is This Ugly Hump?

Do you wear high collars to hide the unattractive lump on the back of your neck? What is this ugly fatty neck lump? How did you get it and how can you get rid of [...]

40 Is The New 60 – Fit Or Flop?

Yesterday I was speaking to the R.U.M group – Retired and under-employed men and what fun we had! My lunch-and-learn was titled, “80 is the New 70.” I wish I could say that my generation [...]

Snub Fitness Fads – Choose Longevity Over Trends

The American College of Sports Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends revealed High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the top fitness fad for 2014. What's next? Kettle Bell yoga, pole dancing on Power Plates? Have [...]